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Cliff Notes Podcast: Lead manufacturing

Listen to Cliff Notes Podcast for the best business guests from business, sales and marketing. When you have a mountain to move having an experienced leader, team work and efficient tools goes a long way.

We give you the cliff notes from the leaders on their experience with great companies that know how to build a great product and reach new heights.

Podcast for managers dealing with change in their industry and how to navigated the journey to help others on the path behind them. Focus on people in manufacturing and where physical products meet digital technology. Bridging the gap from product to new business sales through new practices.

At the show we love the UK, but it is part of a world market and business has local as well as worldwide reach and distribution partners.

May 13, 2020

On the 12th May it is #GivingTuesdayNow day and many podcasts around the world will be doing their part to mention other shows that as the host enjoy. There is no exclusive time in the week so if we can do a tiny part of helping another show with the time they put in for free to give back.

Some show recommendations...

May 10, 2020

Peter Hartland of Acorn Quality Services shares advice on what your business can get from working with International Business Standards with Cliff Notes: Lead manufacturing host Tristan Bailey.

Get access to more contracts and raise standards in your business.

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