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Cliff Notes Podcast: Lead manufacturing

Listen to Cliff Notes Podcast for the best business guests from business, sales and marketing. When you have a mountain to move having an experienced leader, team work and efficient tools goes a long way.

We give you the cliff notes from the leaders on their experience with great companies that know how to build a great product and reach new heights.

Podcast for managers dealing with change in their industry and how to navigated the journey to help others on the path behind them. Focus on people in manufacturing and where physical products meet digital technology. Bridging the gap from product to new business sales through new practices.

At the show we love the UK, but it is part of a world market and business has local as well as worldwide reach and distribution partners.

Nov 4, 2021

Mick Tilley is Owner at Tried&True in North Yorkshire, a distributed agency. He’s a failed comedian, a failed lawyer and a failed MMA fighter but when it comes to marketing, he is it.

Founded in 2019, often disruptive and always innovative, but our philosophy is simple: marketing isn’t a one-size fits all discipline. We bring tried and true strategies and tactics together to build bespoke solutions that fit you like a metaphorical glove.
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